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Man faces murder charges and child support

Colorado readers may be interested to know that a man accused of killing his wife by poisoning her with cyanide may also have to pay child support to the mother of the deceased. The man's wife passed away a few days after falling ill. It was later found that cyanide was to blame, and evidence suggests that the man accused had access to cyanide around that time.

Executed search warrants, affidavits and other evidence indicated that the man suspected his wife of having an affair. The deceased was possibly trying to get pregnant, according to the criminal report. It was further suggested that the man referred her to a supplement that may improve her chances of getting pregnant, though the supplement has not been shown to do so.

As a result of these circumstances, the couple's six-year-old daughter is now in the custody of the deceased woman's mother. The child's grandmother is petitioning the court for child support to help cover the expenses of caring for the girl. The man's assets are currently frozen, with the exception of one account he is able to use for legal expenses.

Luckily, most child support cases will not involve such volatile circumstances. A more common situation would involve circumstances such as divorce or separation. Regardless, unless custody is evenly split between the two parents, child support is often a consideration. An attorney may be able to help anyone dealing with child custody and support issues should contact. An attorney may help protect your rights and properly present your case in court, if necessary.

Source: CBS News, "Autumn Klein Update: Maternal grandmother seeks child support from Pa. researcher accused in wife's cyanide killing", Stephanie Slifer, August 13, 2013